Why Wool?

There is definitely a wave of of people who, like Dave and myself, have woken up to how important wooden toys are for children. Wooden toys last longer than plastic, look great, are more likely be the toys to be past from generation to generation and above all are better for the environment. But I thought I would add a little information on woollen toys and why they are a better alternative to mainstream soft toys.


So here is my top 6 reasons for choosing pure wool for children.

  1. Wool is comforting. Woollen toys are nurturing for a child as they hold and give warmth. They are filled with wool stuffing that absorbs the sweet individual smell of home and family, which is comforting for young children. 

  2. Wool is healthy. Recent studies have proven that pure wool is naturally antimicrobial, antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Due to the natural lanolin in wool it is resistant to dust mites and the structures of wool do not support mold or mildew or other allergens. These qualities are super important for children who have asthma, eczema or allergies.

  3. Wool is safe. The structure of wool makes it resistant to fire and an excellent fiber when it comes to fire safety. Wool requires more oxygen than is available in the air to become flammable. Furthermore, it does not melt, drip or stick to the skin when it burns. Most synthetic soft toys are treated with flame retardants. These include bromine and organophosphates such as chlorinated Tris, these chemicals have been linked to cancer and are known neurotoxins. 

  4. Wool is environmentally sustainable. For me the debate on environmental sustainability lies not just in its production, but in its long term effect on the environment. Over the last few years a number of scientists have studied the ecological damage of synthetic fibers. Many of these pervasive fibers shed and are now found everywhere, throughout our waterways and even into the food chain.  Many scientists are now predicting that microfibers will become an environmental disaster. Furthermore synthetic fibers are plastic derivatives and like plastic toys, simply don't breakdown. They fill our landfills and create long term environmental issues. Wool however is biodegradable, it breaks down easily and safely and actually produces a nitrogen byproduct that fertilizes the ground.  

  5. Wool supports local agriculture. Buying products made from wool supports our farmers not petrochemical companies. Where we live we are surrounded by local farmers who grow wool. Small business people who work the land as has been done for countless generations. Supporting farmers also supports country communities.

  6. Wool Lasts. Woollen fibers are super strong, they are also extremely durable. Woollen items last many years, as seen in antique teddy bears that were made from wool and mohair and have lasted well over a hundred years ago.  Woollen toys withstand all the love, cuddles and play a child can give whereas synthetic toys will rip and tear and their polyfill will spill out, a handcrafted woollen toy will go on for generations. 
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September - Here comes spring and all things new

Well spring has sprung however the fire is still burning away, we've had only had a few warm mornings so far. The cooler days hasn't stopped the wild flowers around East Gippsland bloom, the most beautiful show of colour as the bush becomes technicolour.


We've had a busy month, finalising the last bits and bobs from Dave's workshop in Sydney and the trips back and forth definitely took their toll. But it didn't take to long to recover and get back to work. A busy time designing new toys and working out what toys we'd like to create for the upcoming Christmas season. The first on our list were puzzles, we really wanted to expand our range and be able to offer a larger selection. I absolutely love creating these; working with colour and creating little peggy worlds. I have more in my sketch book to bring to life, but these new designs will definitely be a lovely addition to our spring market tables. 

 Beekeepers Cottage

Beekeepers Cottage

 Teapot Forest

Teapot Forest

 On the Farm

On the Farm

 Billy's Boathouse

Billy's Boathouse

We'll be introducing our new jigsaw puzzles to our online shops towards the end of September, so if you're interested in ordering one keep a lookout for their listings in the next few weeks. 

Last weekend we attended Bairnsdale Makers Market for the first time. What a delightful market filled with true handmade passion. Dave and I really enjoyed getting to meet other stallholders as well as the local community who came to support local makers. East Gippsland is a treasure trove of creators and everyone has been so welcoming to us. We look forward to attending this wonderful little market in the future.

 Bairnsdale Makers Market

Bairnsdale Makers Market

The rest of September will be flat chat for us. We'll be at Metung Farmers market next weekend on Saturday 9th followed by the always amazing Handmade Canberra on the 16th & 17th. I'll be popping up more details about those coming markets on our Facebook pages and Instagram. We'll also be adding our upcoming market dates to our News page.

Mel :-)

Rosella Friends

My first week back at work and back to making peggy dolls. They are so much fun to create, each one with their very own little personality. 

It didn't take long for me to bring some Metung inspiration into my peggy work. This cute little one created was inspired by all the birds that have been visiting our house.

Our new home is surrounded by the most beautiful native birds, rainbow lorikeets, galahs, king parrots and rosellas. Having the feeder on our back veranda has meant they are constantly visiting us. It didn't take long to get to know them and their personalities. For sure the showy rainbow lorikeets are the noisiest and bossiest, charging into the feeder and pushing all the other birds ways. 

My favourite are the crimson rosellas, they are the tamest, letting you walk straight up to them. So this little peggy of course needed a rosella as a best little friend.


Moving To Metung

I've been meaning to start the blog here on the Miss Molly page for a while now. With new beginnings around us at the moment I thought it would be the right time. You see Miss Molly's has moved to Metung, a little lakeside village nestled at the very bottom of the Australian mainland. Metung is almost completely surrounded by water as the Metung peninsula jolts out into Lake King, part of the Gippsland lake system, the largest in Australia.

Just over a year ago Dave and I asked ourselves a pretty fundamental question, what did we want from life? At that stage I was making dolly's while I was raising my rather large brood of children. Dave was working in manufacturing in Sydney, full time plus overtime and then working on his woodwork between work and family. We were both beyond exhausted and wanting more to life than just existing. So when we took a moment to ask the question the answer was... Wouldn't it be nice to be able to live somewhere in the country, be a little self sufficient and to work on our toys full time. To live a balanced, creative, natural life with our children.


So that's where it all started, posing the question, dreaming a dream. What pursued was 12 months of absolute craziness, 18 and 20 hour days, 7 days a week of work and constant juggling. 

But Miss Molly's is now in Metung and walking along the boardwalk this morning we both had a moment of deep breaths, we made it!

So welcome to what comes next, a pair of toymakers and our "good life" (reference to the best tv show from the 70's), the adventures of our property homesteading and running our little toy business. We are surrounded by possibilities at the moment which is exciting and also kind of scary.

The old orchard is worn and in need of love, there's animal shelters to be built, veggie gardens to be dug and lots of dolly's and toys to be made, but we couldn't think of a better way to spend our days. 

Mel :-)