care instructions


Product Safety

Our baby toys and natural finished toys have been designed to be safe for baby's and toddlers to chew and mouth. All wooden toys are sealed with organic beeswax, completely safe and non toxic.

Our colour washed toys are designed for children over the age of 3 or who no longer mouth their toys. We avoid using highly chemical based sealants and choose natural beeswax which can be removed through excessive sucking. Our paints are certifed non-toxic and are perfectly safe.

We advise that all toys be inspected before being given to children. Proper maintenance and care of your toys is advised to ensure a long lasting heirloom toy.

Care Instructions

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Our natural and colour washed toys are sealed with our own Miss Molly organic beeswax mix, we recommend regular applications of beeswax polish to maintain the surface of the toy and to help it last generations. All timber products should last when the wood is prevented from drying out with an oil or beeswax. We recommend using a beeswax polish that is food grade and not the ones available in hardware stores that are designed for furniture, these types of beeswax mixes are unsafe for children as they contain toxic chemical thinners. 

  • Involving children in the care and maintenance of their wooden toys is a fun activity and helps develop a reverence for their toys. 
  • Place a small dab of beeswax polish on a soft, lint free rag and wipe over toy, allow a few minutes for the beeswax to soak in and then gently buff off.
  • Our Miss Molly beeswax polish can be purchased online or at our markets.

Our baby rattles and teethers may require additional care due to constant mouthing, we recommend using regular applications of a food grade oil such as coconut oil.

Illustrated toys are sealed with a low chemical, non-toxic polyurethane sealer. These pieces are more delicate than our robust colour washed and natural toys. We recommend that illustrated toys be kept as decorative pieces and supervised during play to ensure their longevity. They can be cleaned by gently wiping with a damp rag.

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Miss Molly soft toys are made with pure wool, as a result a little extra care will need to be taken to maintain them. All Waldorf dolls and soft toys can be spot cleaned with a damp soft cloth. However when a more substantial wash is required please treat as you would a woollen garment.

  • Use a quality wool detergent and follow manufacturers instructions as to water/detergent ratios.
  • Use warm/tepid water and when washing refrain from vigourous agitation, GENTLE HAND WASH ONLY.
  • Roll the toy gently in a towel to release excess water.
  • If the toy looses its original shape it can be adjusted at this stage before drying.
  • Lay flat to dry in the shade, this is particularly important with Waldorf dolls as slow drying eliminates water marks appearing on the skin.