our story

We are Mel and Dave, husband and wife and toymaking partners.

Dave has been working with wood his whole life, learning alongside his father and grandfather, with many of the tools he uses each and every day having been past down to him. Professionally he has a trade background in metal work, manufacturing and production management. While I studied visual arts at university and then Steiner education, working in Steiner based early childhood for nearly 20 years. 

With 6 children of our own, our first collaborations in toymaking began making toys and dollies for our own family. Our toys were tested within our home and then with playgroups and my own family daycare. We soon learnt what made a great toy!

Today Dave and I work full time together crafting our imaginative toys that we hope will become heirlooms for other families. We understand the importance of buying toys that last. We are thrilled to see our toys now being passed along through families to younger siblings. We look forward to eventually, like now within our own family, seeing our toys even being passed on to the next generation and our customers grandchildren.

Creating long lasting toys that are loved is the cornerstone of our Miss Molly work.  

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