our story

Our toymaking journey began many years ago making toys for our own small children. We soon realised that each one of us brought a unique set of complimentary skills to the toymaking process. We both had the privilege to have grown up with parents and grandparents who had shared their handcrafting skills with each of us, we also have spent many years working within careers, industries and hobbies that, by coincidence and hindsight, seemed to have been perfect toymaking training ground.

Dave worked for decades within the metal industry and manufacturing, while tinkering with woodwork as a hobby. The two seems worlds apart, but the precision needed for metalworking has given Dave a unique set of skills for his wood work. Meanwhile I had studied visual arts and Steiner early childhood education, working in the early childhood sector for many years. 

In 2012 while at home with my small children I began a small dolly business Miss Molly's Dolls, creating traditional cloth dolls. In 2015 Dave came on board with his amazing woodwork and Miss Molly's Dolls and Toys was born.

Thank you so much for visiting our website and supporting our toymaking journey. We look forward to sharing what comes next with you all... 

Mel & Dave