Moving To Metung

I've been meaning to start the blog here on the Miss Molly page for a while now. With new beginnings around us at the moment I thought it would be the right time. You see Miss Molly's has moved to Metung, a little lakeside village nestled at the very bottom of the Australian mainland. Metung is almost completely surrounded by water as the Metung peninsula jolts out into Lake King, part of the Gippsland lake system, the largest in Australia.

Just over a year ago Dave and I asked ourselves a pretty fundamental question, what did we want from life? At that stage I was making dolly's while I was raising my rather large brood of children. Dave was working in manufacturing in Sydney, full time plus overtime and then working on his woodwork between work and family. We were both beyond exhausted and wanting more to life than just existing. So when we took a moment to ask the question the answer was... Wouldn't it be nice to be able to live somewhere in the country, be a little self sufficient and to work on our toys full time. To live a balanced, creative, natural life with our children.


So that's where it all started, posing the question, dreaming a dream. What pursued was 12 months of absolute craziness, 18 and 20 hour days, 7 days a week of work and constant juggling. 

But Miss Molly's is now in Metung and walking along the boardwalk this morning we both had a moment of deep breaths, we made it!

So welcome to what comes next, a pair of toymakers and our "good life" (reference to the best tv show from the 70's), the adventures of our property homesteading and running our little toy business. We are surrounded by possibilities at the moment which is exciting and also kind of scary.

The old orchard is worn and in need of love, there's animal shelters to be built, veggie gardens to be dug and lots of dolly's and toys to be made, but we couldn't think of a better way to spend our days. 

Mel :-)