Rosella Friends

My first week back at work and back to making peggy dolls. They are so much fun to create, each one with their very own little personality. 

It didn't take long for me to bring some Metung inspiration into my peggy work. This cute little one created was inspired by all the birds that have been visiting our house.

Our new home is surrounded by the most beautiful native birds, rainbow lorikeets, galahs, king parrots and rosellas. Having the feeder on our back veranda has meant they are constantly visiting us. It didn't take long to get to know them and their personalities. For sure the showy rainbow lorikeets are the noisiest and bossiest, charging into the feeder and pushing all the other birds ways. 

My favourite are the crimson rosellas, they are the tamest, letting you walk straight up to them. So this little peggy of course needed a rosella as a best little friend.