Miss Molly's Dolls

Dollmaking has been a true passion of mine for over 30 years. I first began to make dolls at just 14 years of age, learning to make porcelain dolls from some of the best porcelain dollmaker's in Australia. My dolls winning many awards and even being exhibited at New York Toy Fair.

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In 2014 I returned to full time dollmaking, starting Miss Molly's Dolls, creating  Waldorf inspired artist dolls. However my dolly work of late has been focused with more traditional play dolls, with simple hand turned wooden peg dolls and rag dollies. 

All Miss Molly dolls are handcrafted from all natural fibers including, wood, hand dyed organic linen, cottons and wool. They make a perfect keepsake gift or traditional play doll. 

Each doll I make is one of a kind, bespoke, with their very own personality. I make my dollies with all my love and care and hope that they will bring love and happiness to the little people that they travel to.

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