Wooden Toys

Miss Molly's artisan toys are made by hand with no mass produced parts. Every piece, from a tiny door knob to a car wheel is hand crafted in our workshop using time honoured toymaking techniques. Our toys are designed by us, inspired by traditional toys that have been for crafted for generations.

Our wooden toys are crafted from beautiful Australian hardwoods and quality sustainable timbers. Our timbers include certified sustainable Australian forestry products and rare recycled Australian hardwoods which are largley no longer logged for and only available through recycled timber collection. These include red gum, Sydney blue gum, white beech and myrtles. A small selection of our timbers we directly collect, forage and process ourselves, sourcing by hand from within the East Gippsland region. 

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We use Australian certified food grade glues, waxes and sealers as well as non-toxic paints designed specifically for toy manufacturing. Our natural toys are polished with our very own beeswax sealer, made by us from locally sourced beeswax. 

Every wooden toy is double sanded. This extra step is what makes our toys so lovely to touch and play with, its the time we spend getting each toy silky smooth that we pride ourselves in. 

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